WIP Battlefronts P-47 Thunderbolt for Flames of War

     I love using planes in Flames of War. From a tactical standpoint, I can strike nearly anywhere on the board. It forces my opponent to stick near to woods and buildings, because if they stray they are dearly punished. A good first turn move is to either try to knock out their AA or pin their artillery. With so-so success, it's a good option to have. More pie plates, please! Heck, how else am I supposed to deal with heavy tanks? If you read heychadwick's AAR's on the WWPD forum you'll likely see my dear Ozark Queen show up often.
     Since the primary Late War plane for Americans is the P-47 Thunderbolt, I went a-huntin' for reference pictures. I found a few good pictures of a Thunderbolt named the Ozark Queen, flown by Captain Alfred F Eaton of the 84th Fighter Squadron. The nose has a checkered pattern, and the name of the plane was painted on the side. I considered it a challenge! Links to the Ozark Queen and the same site with a whole ton of Thunderbolt pictures.

Hell yeah I did it. Next up, the portrait of the pilot's wife.

I'm still not done with painting the plane. Since the decals that come with the Thunderbolt don't match the markings on the original Ozark Queen, I have to muster up the will to free hand it all. 


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