Painting Finland's Fokker CX

Now that the Fokker is built, it's time to paint! Since Battlefront doesn't have a recommended painting guide, here's what I suspect will do the trick just nicely:

Main, upper: Russian Uniform (whatever goes on Russian tanks these days)
Lower: Medium Sea Grey with a touch of blue in it. 
Yellow: Basecoat with white, then go over with a medium toned yellow. 
Nose: Chocolate Brown.

Now, what fun would the hobby be if we stuck with one scheme? There isn't much on the camo used by the Ilmavoimat other than it's what we expect: a two-color scheme, lighter on bottom and a green on top. If you see a dark color on the main body with orange/yellow triangles on it, that was the scheme used when the plane was used as a tow for targets during training.

Yes, there's recommended reading:
Linky1: A variant here kinda like tiger stripes, or the desert camo on Grants.
Linky2: Man there's some ugly lookin' planes in there. Check out that Brewster Buffalo, ha!

I'll go with a standard scheme for this one.


Ok, I've put paint on the model! It's not done yet, because the dark camo lines need to be tidied up in a bad way, especially over the vertical stabilizer where the surface of the model is rippled.

I wanted to paint the plane in the same scheme as the real life FK-86, because damnit that's the kind of hobbyist I have become (the box comes with the FK-86 designation decals). AZ Models has a scheme for the FK-86, but it's not a combat photo. Adorably they have blotted out the center of the swastika. Some people. Eventually, I found an actual photo, purported to be from the summer of 1942. It's the best I have, and the tricolor pattern (Russian Uniform overall, a grey underneath, the yellow band, and black/dark green patterns over the tips of the wings) works well enough for me.

Now, again, this guy isn't done yet. I have plans for the base, which is to simulate a tree canopy as the Fokker was flown low to hide from the Luftwaffe. 

Obviously it would be much easier to paint the whole plane like Battlefront's. The model paints well; it is mostly resin, afterall. The detail is superb (if you get your own or see someone else's, take a good looksie at the rear MG gunner. Lovely detail). From an assembly point of view, this model was a challenge. From a painting point of view, it's lovely. I love planes as it is, and this one has extra cool for being a biplane that doesn't look ridiculous (I'm looking at you, I-153 Chaika). There is enough detail on the wings that you get the impression that this plane is fabric wrapped around a frame, and if you are really careful with your drybrushing, you can make those edges pop out. I drybrushed mine before painting.

All I have left is the rest of the decals, tidying up those dark green camo patches, and cleaning up the nose of this thing. 

Above: This is why I didn't have any time tonight to finish painting the Fokker in time to finish this post. There'll be another post when it's done!


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