Bolt Action Warlord games plastic German Sd.Kfz 251/1 ausf C halftrack

Ah the joys of being a historical gamer, it lets me feel like a youngling again making Airfix kits as I did in my youth, and this time I dont get looked at quite so oddly when I push them around the tabletop making suitable noises (and rolling the odd dice here and there).

I'm a big fan of the Bolt Action game, and one of my forces is my German army. its fairly generic, infantry heavy and fun to play.  I did however realize something was missing, transport.  The most iconic transport of the German army during the war was the Sd.Kfz 251/1 ausf C halftrack, and its variants.

This is a Warlord Games plastic kit, 28mm scale or 1/56,  comes with transfers and some extra stowage bits.  It's a simple straightforward kit to build, comes on two sprues, and did not take long at all to put together with no cleanup required.

The build time was low, as the fit was simple and smooth, I elected to only put a couple of "Jerry cans" on the side and a bedroll for stowage.

I am not the greatest painter, but I am happy with its dirty weathered look
Overall a great addition to my Bolt Action force, good fun to build and paint even with my sloppy style and works great on the tabletop at getting my Germans where they need to be!


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