15mm Barbed Wire and Minefields for Flames of War

     These won't be fantastic pictures, as life is a whirlwind of activity. Meaning, I don't have the will to take super nice pictures of models/terrain that isn't fully done. But, boy do these look better than I had hoped.
     I developed a great and urgent need for obstacles when I read that if I'm defending in a mission with Prepared Positions, then I can deploy minefields and/or barbed wire with my Pioneers. Which, let's be honest, is pretty awesome. There is a Finnish Fortified Company in Rising Sun, which I want to have the option to run. So, here we go!

     To start, I cut a thin piece of bass wood from a crafts shop into 2"x 8" sections, as that's the "Battlefront official" dimensions of obstacles. I drilled a bunch of holes in each so I had some flexibility in where to put posts. Primarily this was to make my barbed wire stand out from the minefields. My inspiration for the tangled mess came from this image:

     Since I was using non-cotton sewing thread for my wire (I have a spool of hanging wire around here somewhere), I wasn't able to do coiled wire. I can do another few pieces with coiled wire if a) anyone wants to see how that's done and b) I can find that damn wire! At any rate, I put my "wire" on before applying flock. Big mistake! I highly recommend not obstructing your ground surface until you're satisfied with it.

     The minefields have a lot fewer posts, and are pretty simple creatures. I added some plaster scraps and bits to resemble hastily buried mines or piles of dirt to break up the surface. This sort of project was my first foray into basing large flat surfaces. I recommend using various types of flock. I have a blend of Woodland Scenics Dead (a sort of green-grey color, odd), GF9's Autumn Grass and Summer Grass (which is obscenely bright and neon-y). This I applied pretty much everywhere. Patches of the GF9 Autumn Grass were used to fill barren areas and to break up the monotone of the mixture.
    The sign is from a PDF Battlefront has on their website. Linky here.

     I have only really completed one minefield and one barbed wire obstacle. They need to have a few bits of flock plucked from their wires and their posts drybrushed (I believe a dark brown base drybrushed with Green Grey does the trick).


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