Terrain Inspiration: Harvey Trotman's 1st Terrain Square

Short post today.

I was poking around the Model Dads blog while waiting for the glue to dry on two prototype MG nests. There was an article on applying static grass, which is interesting to see because my method is to apply glue, drop some grass on with my fingers, then turn the model/base upside down and tap with a dropper bottle. Give it a few good whacks and everything looks good. Here's a linky to the article.

In the comments, there is this guy, Harvey, who posted a link to the effect this static grass device he bought can create. And goodness does it look awesome! Turns out he linked to a whole slew of pictures of a terrain tile he made. I'm linking it here to share a fantastic source of inspiration for making terrain. It is gorgeous, so do yourself a favor and check it out!


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