Thursday, 15 February 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Enterprise - E Sovereign class build

The Enterprise E is such a great looking ship.  So I take a look at builds for it using only the cards that came in the pack.

It is another ship that suffers for the 50 point limit, so here is the 50 version of it.  The ship is fast but not very nimble, has solid across the boards stats though.  Its inbuilt ability is you can fire torpedoes with out a target lock for the cost of an auxiliary power.  For captain we have Picard.  This is a different version to the starter set, he allows you to pick a faction at the start of the game. When you attack that faction you roll one less attack dice, but add a critical hit, so its a auto crit really.  It also gives you plus one defence against that that faction.  For weapons we have the photons, fired from a sovereign class its a plus one so 6 dice attack.  and the Dorsal Phaser array which allows you to fire 30 degrees.  These weapons make this a true warship to be feared.

What else can it do with out the point restrictions? plenty so lets see....

As you can see on the ship it can take two weapons which we already have above, one tech and two crew.  Well how do we have so many crew? well picard lets you pick another upgrade of your choice to add to the bar so I picked crew. Riker adds another crew as well.
 This combo works well, with Riker able to be disabled to allow you to use a crew talent or tech upgrade as a free action. He can bounce off crusher allowing her to disable instead of him.  Data is there to save your skin, and with crusher again you can get an extra use out him.  Geordi helps drop your enemies defence for that killer blow. 
For Tech I added advanced shields to give more survivability, and fire at will for the elite talent.  This allows you to rollup and fire your primary weapons, then discard it to make a secondary weapon attack as well at a different target.  When you have a 360 arc with the phaser array and high powered torpedoes so all your arcs are covered this can make a pair of enemy ships hurt.

This is a true federation warship powerhouse, fast strong, well armed, it is a fearsome opponent, though you may be able to outmanoeuvre it, the dorsal phaser array provides fire where ever your enemy is.

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