Gamers Grass dry tufts for basing review

I am sure you have seen before on the odd model i paint, that basing... is something that i like to keep simple, and usually only use static grass.  Well i am trying to change it, and i have seen great things with these tuft type bits of basing.  knowing i can not compete with it, i thought why not pick some up, and give them a try, just for the sake of something different.

Gamers Grass provides a range of grass and scenic products in a variety of colours. These self adhesive basing tufts come in a variety of sizes and colours. Most tufts are 4-6mm tall. XL tufts are approximately 12mm tall. Moss and Bright Green are about 2mm tall.
Pack contains 2 sheets of tuft approximately 8 cm by 6 cm in length. Each sheet contains approximately 25 individual tufts of varying sizes. Some of the smaller tufts have more tufts per sheet.

Lets crack it open and take a closer look...

 You do get a couple of sheets of these tufts, all vary in size, but with a bit of scalpel work can be cut down to size.  Really actually impressed with these, they have the right sort of volume and size look to them.  Should be perfect for some Anglo Zulu war basing. 

go have a look at arcane scenery and models its where i picked mine up, and there's plenty of goodies to rummage around with.


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