Star Trek Attack Wing Ogla Razik Kazon Predator ship build

Today we look at the Kazon predator.  As always I keep it under 50points and use only the cards that come in the pack.  The Kazon ships so far have had wide 180 degree front arcs, so lots of fire angles.  The Predator class is not the most manoeuvrable ship, but should be able to stand in a slugging match in the main line.  so what did we use?

As always I started with the named ship the Ogla Razik.  The Raziks special ability is  a defensive buff for smaller ships around it, like the raiders, so it works well leading a group.  It has good firepower, poor agility, good hull and average shields.  for Captain I have taken Jabin.  He has a middle of the range skill, but he adds another defence dice, bringing the beast up to 2 which is needed, any chance to shake off more hits is always welcome.  We have the upgrade First Maje, to allow you to "borrow" an enemies tech, you disable it and take it for yourself, so you can add some fun gadgets to the ship.  For the ships own tech we have Tractor beam.  It allows you to reduce an enemies move by 2 if they pick a 3 speed or higher, so you would turn a 3 forward into a 1 forward, or a 3 bank into a 1 bank and so on, making it easier to keep your opponent in your sights and keep pounding them. 

For Crew we have Haliz.  If you are about to be pounded you can discard your captain to cancel the attack and Haliz takes over at a skill 3. good to give you an extra round of survival when needed.

Karden for an action adds 2 attack dice at the cost of minus 2 defence dice, so no defence dice for this ship.  If you are out of arc, and preferably at range one though he can be a nasty surprise turning your 4 attack ship into a 7 attack ship for that turn with the range bonus, and with such a wide front arc it should be relatively easy to keep your target in your arc, but be out of theirs.

The last upgrade we have is the particle beam weapon, its a straight 5 dice attack, but can be fired from front or rear arc, and with this ship having a huge front arc AND a rear arc it provides cover meaning there are only small blindspots to hide from this ship.

All in all she is a solid ship to lead the line, or go in with an escort of raiders who gain the extra defence dice from her.  A fun ship to try


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