Tuesday, 6 February 2018

North Star Miniatures Africa Matabele Chief and Izinduna 28mm Anglo Zulu Wars review

Time to look at a project for the leaders of my Anglo Zulu War, Zulu force.  Trying to find suitable models in 28mm was tough, until i found these from North Star
 You get 4 models in the pack, with 4 shields, and a mix of weapons to equip them.

This pack represents the leaders (Induna) of the Matabele amabutho, (the regiments). The head-dresses and Leopardskins they wear are all symbols of rank.
The Matabele are an African tribe whose origins were in the mighty Zulu Nation, so they can work perfectly for Zulus as well. During the early 19th Century they rebelled and create an infamous name for themselves as they escaped North to settle in what is now Zimbabwe. The Matabele Kingdom was defeated in 1893 and 1896 by Cecil Rhodes and his British South Africa Company.
 so lets pop the packet open, and take a closer look........

 Inside we have some nice shields, and your mix of weaponry, in my pack these did need a bit of work to get them looking right and fitting the models, but its one of the things you do expect with metals.
 then the models themselves, all four are different sculpts, packed with detail and character.  There was only very minimal flash and cleanup on these guys

 Primed up they really show the detail, and there is plenty of it!
 Painting leopard skin will be a first for me, but i am looking forward to it.
Really happy with these models, and i know with a lick of paint they will look great!!

i picked mine up from the wonderful arcane scenery and models online store, go take a look, and add some to your table.

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