Rebel Aces B Wing ship build for X-Wing Miniatures game

Today we are looking at the Bwing from Rebel aces, and will see what builds we can come up with using just the pilots and upgrades from that set.
 Lets have a look and see what we can use him for.........

For pilots I have gone with Keyan Farlander.  With skill 7 he is on the high end, not Vader or Luke levels, but respectable.  With his ability to spend a stress to turn focus tokens into hits he is designed to fly in close turn hard, or K turn, as the Bwing has plenty of red manoeuvres on its dial so getting stress is not hard, you can even get one just going 4 ahead.  He has the E2 upgrade which gives him a crew slot, and Kyle Katarn fills that crew role.  Kyle gives a focus token when you remove a stress.

This combination gives you options to use your stress for attacks, then when you spend it get a focus token for defence.  Or of course you could get a stress, pull a green move, clear the stress so Kyle gives you a free focus, then target lock and hit them for maximum effect.

This loadout on Keyan provides you plenty of options, and he is in his element turning tightly in a dogfight using that stress for actions.                


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