Javis Countryside Scenics Battlezone Field Scatter review.

I fancied trying something new for my model basing, rather then just using the same old same old staic grass.  The thing is though..... i hate mixing things up to use, i done mix paints (i can never get the right colour) and im no good at multi layer basing, so i was looking for something that have a mix of all i want in one place, and i found it..........

 I picked this up to give it a try due to its..............

already mixed nature, with static grass, sand, and several different colours and consistencies of stones.  Since i will be using this mainly for my "colonial" wargaming, and Anglo Zulu War, its a good start to show the varied terrain, no it wasn't Dessert terrain.  Im really happy, theres plenty of this in a bag, arond 60 grams, and its a cracking price so well worth a look.

I picked mine up at arcane scenery and models my favourite online model store.


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