Star Wars TIE Defender Ship build for X-Wing miniatures game

The TIE Defender is the subject of today’s Ship yard.  Looking to see what we can build out of the packet and how we can use her to best effect.   She is fast, and fairly nimble, though those hard turns will put a stress on you.  3 stats across the board mean she has good firepower, evade, hull and shields so can take some damage, though of course you want to focus on giving out the damage.

Rexler Brath  is in my opinion the go to pilot for this ship.    With his ability to flip damage cards face up if you cause at least one damage you can cripple ships, especially with 3 attack, it’s an option if you do not need your focus token, or you have already punched through the shields of your opponent.  For upgrades………..

he has the Ion Pulse Missiles, these cause a damage and put 2 ION tokens on your enemy, making them predictable for the next 2 turns, so you can drop in behind them and pound them knowing where they will be.  This combined his ability can let you shred a ship in a couple of turns, and of course you can even use his ability to flip over the damage inflicted by the torpedoes if you wish.
His elite talent Predator allows you a re-roll of an attack dice, but lets you re-roll 2 if your opponent is pilot skill 2 or less, so he can cause havoc on low pilots.  This is a good card to try and  help you save his focus token for his ability.
Rexler wants to be in the thick of the action, using the TIE Defenders speed and power to cause maximum damage.  With a white K-Turn you can flip around with no downside still do your action and keep firing.  It is an expensive points wise ship, but it is a beast when used right, and a scary opponent for unwary Rebel players who think its “Just another TIE”
Have a go with him in your lists, let us know how you like to use your TIE Defender.


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