Star Trek Attack Wing IRW Gal Gath'thong ship build

In this ship build we look at the classic Romulan Bird of prey, and we see what we can get out of her.
I took the named ship of course..... and the Romulan commander.  He will allow me to fire first anytime I need to. Combined with the Decoy and Double back I can get where I need to be and avoid fire whilst I am doing it.

for the rest....

I have the nuclear warhead to lay a minefield to cause havoc, the romulan officer and centurion work well in combination together to add more firepower.  The only change I may make is adding some plasma torpedoes as they work well with the named ships ability.

This is a hunter ship, lurking until the time is right, positioning itself to unleash a heavy strike when ready.  This will provide an efficient hunter in the Romulan fleet ranks.


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