Star Trek Attack Wing Scout cube 608 Borg ship build

Looking at a build for the Borg scout cube 608 today.  I shall be using the normal rules, of no more then 50 points, and only the card in the pack.  The scout cube can be built into a fairly scary ship, and here is the build I went for with it.

The cube moves like a rook from chess so can go pretty much anywhere, now to look at what I added and why.

I started with the named ship of course, and the Tactical Drone as captain, so I can spend my tokens to fire back if I am attacked, the more I pick away at the enemy the better for me!

One crew man, Second of five.  His job is to get rid of any annoying upgrade an enemy ship may have.....

now the rest....

For weapons we have the magnometric guided charges, perfect for shooting those ships with high agility, and very good against cloaked ships! it does not require a target lock, so you can use that for maximum damage potential.

Long range scan provides more firepower at range, and with the ability to keep moving forward and back to keep range you can fire for maximum effect.

Borg Alcove allows you to get back the drone tokens you have used to counter attack the enemy.

Its a fun looking ship to play, and very different, I am very much looking forward to trying it out, I think its mission will need to be played soon.


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