Tuesday, 28 November 2017

E-Wing ship build for X-Wing Miniatures game

In the Rebel ship yards today we look at the best options for the Ewing, only using the cards that come in the pack, and what role she can perform.  This is a tough one, as the Ewing is a bit of a jack of all trades, and master of none, but there are some useful options.....

Here are the cards, so lets have a look and see what we can do.

For the pilot we have gone for Etahn A`Baht.  He  is skill 5 so not top of the tree, but he has his uses in support, and his ability helps both him, and other ships out.  When an enemy ship inside your firing arc at range 1-3 is defending the attacker can change a hit into a critical hit.  This is good as he acts almost like a spotlight and gives bonuses to all other ships that fire on the target. so you can use him to light up a swarm of fighters and hammer them with concentrated fire, and of course the Ewing herself can swing out some respectable fire herself. 

Outmanoeuvre is his elite talent, and goes well with him, as it relies on you having ships in your firing arc, but being out of theirs.  If that is the case and they are in range 1-2 the target reduces his agility by 1 hopefully allowing you to put more hurt on them.

 The R7 mech is their to add to your survivability, hopefully letting you reduce the incoming hits.

Flechette torpedoes are there to provide some stress to targets, which if done on the right target can really limit their options.

 With the ship acting in a support role, you can even remove most of the upgrades from it and you will still feel a benefit through your squadron when you combine fire on a target he has lit up.

You want to run him where he has as many enemy ships in arc as possible, though of course trying to remain out of their firing arcs for return fire purposes.  This way you provide the benefit to the squadrons and yourself and can still fire into the mix.

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