Rebel Aces A Wing ship build for X-Wing Miniatures game

Today we are looking at the Awing from Rebel aces, and will see what builds we can come up with using just the pilots and upgrades from that set, to get maximum effectiveness, and of course how we can then use them.
Lets take a closer look.........

 Jake Farrell is my pilot of choice from the bunch, with skill 7 he is solid and dependable.  His ability allows you to barrel roll or boost after taking a focus action, so you effectively get a free positioning action that can surprise your enemy when they make think they are safe, then he swings into arc.  This tactic works with the proton rockets he is packing.  With the Awing these are 5 attack weapons at range 1, and fire from a focus command as opposed to a target lock, so you can focus, then boost into range 1 and unleash them., or focus, barrel roll or boost out of your enemies arc and open fire as well. 

With the speed and agility of the ship you need to be in the fight, dodging your enemies arc with boosts and barrel rolls before delivering concentrated firepower, as once the Rockets are gone you are back to a 2 attack ship, but with boost you should often be able to get into range 1 of your targets for 3 attack dice.

A special mention goes to the Prototype pilot with Chardaan refit.  He is only skill 1, but with the refit only 15 points, so you can pack these out in numbers for fast and nimble ships to bulk up your numbers.


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