Mansions of Madness Suppressed Memories Figure and Tile collection unboxing and review

Lets just say I am VERY fond of the Mansions of Madness 2nd edition from Fantasy Flight Games, and if you have not checked it out yet, you really need to, its excellent.  It plays solo, or multiplayer cooperatively, and is full of theme, and great gameplay.  There are some expansiosn out for it, so I thought we should take alook at those too, see whats in them, and if they add anything worth getting...

Plunge deep into the mysteries of Arkham with the Suppressed Memories Figure and Tile Collection. Combine the figures and map tiles in this collection with your Mansions of Madness Second Edition conversion (which comes int he core game box so you already have this) kit to unlock alternate maps for your existing scenarios and gain access to one new spine-chilling adventure. Play as your favorite characters from the Mansions of Madness expansions, battling old terrors once again as you struggle to find the truth and maintain your sanity.

“It was—well, it was mostly a kind of force that doesn’t belong in our part of space; a kind of force that acts and grows and shapes itself by other laws than those of our sort of Nature. We have no business calling in such things from outside, and only very wicked people and very wicked cults ever try to."
 –H.P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror
You've never been one to look too closely at the the socially uncomfortable or curiously odd developments around you. When the farm animals began to behave strangely, you watched silently, and when one of them disappeared, you shrugged it off as an abnormality. When an unusual bout of weather arrived, from neither east nor west, but seemingly without origin at all, you thought perhaps you should be more observant of the patterns in the sky. But when great clusters of trees were bent and broken at the root, as if a meteor had careened into them, leaving no trace, and when the cattle's docile nature turned foul and aggressive, you couldn't hold back your curiosity, your awareness of the wrongness of it all. Something unnatural had descended on Dunwich, bringing with it an eerie sense of secrecy which has dangerously intrigued you. Unfortunately, you seem to be standing in the way of whatever otherworldly forces have orchestrated these events, and they have no problem eliminating the obstacles in their path.

Suppressed Memories Figure & Tile Collection is the second collection released to expand your Mansions of Madness Second Edition game using components from Mansions of Madness First Edition. The eight investigator figures, fifteen monster figures, and seventeen double-sided map tiles included in Suppressed Memories mirror the contents of the two first edition expansions, Forbidden Alchemy and Call of the WildSuppressed Memories will also give players access to one brand new horrifying scenario, Cult of Sentinel Hill. The scenario will also be playable by owners of Call of the Wild, with more variations available to those who have Forbidden Alchemy in their collection as well.

Lets pop the box open, and see what lurks within!

 You get a hefty chunk of new card board sections, and models and bases all bagged, along with a sheet that guides you on what models go with what base tokens.
 You will need to go rummaging in tour core set to find the upgrade pack, and then pop out the monster base tokens you will need for various things, make sure you follow this guide and don't ditch it first or that makes things... a little more challenging, could you tell I did that! ha.

All the new board tokens are going to add a whole lot more to the game, there is plenty there, and a lot of them feature the outside on it as well.  With the new monsters being randomly inserted into previous scenarios as some rather nice, or not depending on how you look at it surprises, do the new board section add more apart from looking cool? 

Well yes actually, when you load up your add and selct you own this pack it also unlocks the terrifying Cult of Sentinel Hill scenario. Your adventure atop Sentinel Hill begins in a dingy dungeon, locked up with a familiar character to those who have wandered through Dunwich before. Upon finding you alive, he will inform you of his connection to the plot you were so near to uncovering. The cultists' malicious intentions will become clearer with each room you enter and each monster you confront. That is, if you can get out of the torture chamber in which you awoke in the first place.

I did assemble the monsters and glue them to the bases like the core game, though these took much less trimming work to get them to fit nicely, which was certainly pleasant, and you do get quite a chunk of beasties to add into your games for some new adversaries.
 There is a nice mix of monsters, from huge scary beasts, to smaller gribblies, all of which will give you an unpleasant encounter in game.
 My favourite thing, apart from new monsters, boards and scenarios, is new investigators, including Olivias favourite (Carolyn Fern) and  these can slot into all the missions you have already, and provide some excellent variety.

In my opinion, if you love Mansions of Madness, than you need this!
If you want to grab your own copy, head on over to your local game store and grab it, you may just enjoy it

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