Star Trek Attack Wing USS Equinox unboxing

Today we look at the USS Equinox for Star Trek Attack wing.  A familiar ship to fans of Voyager, but is it any good?

The Nova-class was a type of Federation starship designed for short-term planetary research missions. It was placed in service starting in the mid-to-late 24th century.
In 2370, some Nova-class starships were constructed in the Sol system at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, around stardate 47007.1. USS Equinox was constructed and launched at this time.

Schematics of the Nova-class were contained in the 31st century database kept by temporal agent Daniels aboard the Enterprise. They were viewed by Captain Jonathan Archer and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed who accessed his database in 2151.

The Nova-class was designed as a science and scout vessel, intended for short-term planetary research and analysis. It is not typically suitable for combat operations. The Nova design has a maximum speed of warp 8 and approximately eighty crewmembers. One unique feature of the Nova-class is its Waverider shuttle, which is located in a special docking port on the ventral side of the primary hull, similar to that of the Aeroshuttle on the Intrepid-class. 
So whats in the pack.....

You get of course all the usual tokens and goodies....
 She is  a fairly nimble craft for a Federation ship, with some good options for manoeuvres.  You get the generic ship and generic captain as always.  The named ship the Equinox has low attack, good evade (for federation) average hull and shields. She is cheap though and has the full range of actions on her bar for target lock, battle stations, evade and scan.  Her named ability lets you disable a shield to repair all of them, so pretty handy to keep her alive longer.  She comes with two named captains, Rudolph Ransom, who if you are defending and have an evade token next to your ship you get two extra evade dice, making this a nice survivable little ship.  Maxwell burke is a cheap skill 2 captain that for an action and discarding him lets you add 2 extra attack dice.
 For crew we have Marla gilmore, she lets you disable her and a tech on an opponents ship then you use the free action from that tech, so not bad, though she herself is an action.  Noah lessing for an action lets you disable him, and a tech upgrade on your ship to disable one of the targets active shields.  It seems a lot for little gain, but can be useful at a pinch if you are using this ship as a support boat.  You get some photon torpedoes to add some punch to the ship, which is needed as this ship does not have much firepower.  With a ? fir his slot is the Emergency Medical Hologram.  He can count as either a crew or a tech upgrade.  He lets you disable himself instead of another Tech, so he is useful with Noahs ability.  Lastly we have the Navigational Deflector.  You can discard it to cancel a hit result.  Handy, but expensive.  Its other ability is better though, against minefields and obstacles you can disable it to be allowed to roll defence dice.
 The ship itself is the best thing about this pack, a great looking model
 Though as always good do with a wash to make the detail come out
 There is plenty of detail on the ship itself though, and it has those classic Federation lines.
In all honesty not the best pack out there, but it is a cool looking model, and can be a nice support ship.


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