B-Wing unboxing for X-Wing Miniatures game

The B-wing’s heavy weapons array and resilient shielding quickly solidified it as the Alliance’s most formidable assault fighter.  The B-wing can wield a huge array of upgrades from cannons to torpedoes to make it a brutal ship in combat.
When I first saw the B-wing in the Return of the Jedi I thought it was a great looking ship, and the toy of it was amazing! with the gyroscopic cockpit always staying level it was great.  I wished I had seen more of the ship in the films, but now I can play with it on the tabletop!

Lets see what is in the pack........

As always it comes with all the high quality tokens you need.  Looking at the dial, she is not that fast, or nimble, like the Ywing, speed 4 is a red move and will provide stress, as are 1 turns. There is a 2 speed K turn that can surprise your opponents.  You also get a reference token for the ION token.
The Bwing herself has good firepower, low agility, average hull and good shields.

Ten numb is the first named pilot, with a skill of 8 he is solid.  His ability is that when he attacks a critical hit can not be cancelled by defence dice. This is handy as it means it will be going through most of the time, making him a reliable damage dealer.

Ibitsam is skill 6, and if she has a stress token whilst attacking or defending she can re-roll one dice.  With the Bwings limited manoeuvres getting a stress will be easy and its not a bad thing as you can do a K turn, get stress then re-roll your dice on the attack.

Dagger and Blue squadron pilots round out the choices for cheaper generic options.

For upgrade cards you get the fire control system, that lets you acquire a free target lock on the defender after you have attacked.  The Autoblaster is a 3 attack weapon that is range 1 only an means your hits can not be cancelled.  You also get a set of standard Proton torpedoes, and advanced Proton torpedoes that are 5 attack, and let you change up to 3 blanks to focus results, which if you have a focus icon can be very handy.  Lastly we have the ION cannon,  3 attack weapon that if it hits odes one damage and causes the opponent to drift forward at speed 1 on the next turn.
 The ship has one of the best paint jobs on it I have seen In Xwing so far.
 It looks grimy and well used
 Its an excellent looking ship, and a powerful addition to the fleet providing a solid tanky ship that can take damage and dish it out just as hard.


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