Star Trek Attack Wing Haakona Build

The Romulan Warbird Haakona can be a scary proposition to go against, so using the normal rules of only the cards in the pack and no more then 50points I have put a build together to see how I can use her in battle.
The named Haakona is a tough bird, with 6 hull and four shields, but only a 3 attack.  There is a way around this though, as for each ship in the fleet she gets a plus one to a max of plus four, so if you had her as the lead ship with some scouts and science vessels she would be punching hard.  For captain we have....

Taris.  Skill 5, but that doesn't matter, she is better then that you will see, and has a trick up her sleeve.  She can discard a crewman to fire 360 arc for an unpleasant surprise form your opponent who thought they where safe.  We have Admiral Mendak on board, so he can give you that battlestattions action when you need it.  He also adds a plus 2 to Taris, making her skill 7.  For crew we have 3 Romulan Security officers.  Each one adds a plus one to Taris captain skill making her a 10! and you can disable the to re-roll a defence dice, making the ship more survivable.  The final choice on the ship we have is the disruptor pulse.  Only a 3 dice attack, but it fires at ALL ships in your front arc, so if you are going against a swarm or battle line this weapon can spread out the hits befro eyou get in to punch hard.

Its a great tough ship, capable of leading the line of battle, or operating solos and cloaked and hammering ships hard.


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