Star Trek Attack Wing PWB Aj'Rmr unboxing

The PWB Aj'rmr was a Romulan warbird that was in service in the late 24th century. This ship fought in the Dominion War.
In 2375, the Aj'rmr saw action with the combined Allied fleet in the defense of the Chin'toka system during the Dominion War. The vessel suffered casualties in a Dominion counterattack and reported numerous crew casualties, which were displayed on a casualty report displayed aboard Deep Space 9.
The Aj'Rmr is a prize ship from one of the Dominion War events and kindly sent over by a friend for Olivia to use to crush me, like she needs help!
Its not an often seen ship due to that fact, so what's inside the packet? and is she any good?

Firstly as always, the card tokens, in smaller format due to the difference in packaging of prize ships.

 She has the same movement dial as the other D`deridex class ships in the fleet, so is nimble for her size. As always we get a generic free captain, and an unnamed ship.  The Named Aj'Rmr Has average firepower good (for her size) defence, high hull and average shields.  Her ability allows you to re-roll an attack dice for each damage card assigned to the ship, so if you have taken some hits it acts as a free target lock.  The named captain Letant helps with your defence, forcing your enemy to re-roll one critical hit, which is useful as you do not want them getting through, but normal hits help the ship.  The elite talent Invasion plans help you whilst you are cloaked. When you attack in that state at range 2-3 you can discard it to force a ship to roll 2 less defence dice, trying to ensure as much firepower gets through as possible.
For crew we have the Romulan pilot, you can discard her when you move at no action cost which is a bonus, to gain a scan token as a free action, and do another green manoeuvre.  Very handy to surprise your enemy with, and provide that scan to drop their defence, and as the scan is a free action you can do a move, discard this card to pull another green move, get your free scan, then so a sensor echo, making it hard for your opponent to predict where you are going to end up.  Nullifer core is our tech gadget, it allows you to re-roll one defence dice when cloaked, its not the best tech, but it does have its uses and can help keep you alive longer.  It is unfortunately discarded though when your ship sustains damage.  The final card in the pack is the Additional Weapons Array.  A 4 attack range 1-2 weapon that lets you convert a battlestations into a critical hit.  ITs useful as the firepower on the warbird is not the highest, so coming in with this is good.
 Its the same model used for the other Dex class ships, which is good as I love the model.
 It is highly detailed and would benefit from a wash as all the ships would, though a skilled painter could really make something of this,

Overall a great ship! one you want leading your line and soaking up damage, until you have a nice selection of re-rolls, then drop out of cloak and raise your shields, and you have a free target lock each turn.  combined with the fact it works on secondary weapons as well, its a useful thing to have, and can make your opponent think twice, as the more they hurt the ship the better it becomes.

Olivia is thrilled about trying it on the table to crush my federation ships!


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