Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing Prototype 01 Romulan Drone ship unboxing

This is a great looking ship, very different from the "norm"  It comes from the "Enterprise" era.

The Prototype 01 is a Romulan drone ship. These ships are piloted by the Aenar, who were kidnapped and forced to control these unmanned vessels from a tower on Romulus. The Romulan drone ship is capable of taking on the appearance of any vessel using its multi-spectral emitters to created a holographic projection. Armed with triphasic emitters, this ship can mimic the weapons fire of the alien vessel as well.

Another view of this ship....
It comes with plenty of goodies to customise it and add some more needed variety to the romulans. So whats in the box? lets take a look.....

The obligatory slab of card token goodness
and now the cards...
 As you can see its a super manoeuvrable ship, and can repair itself for free at the end phase each turn.  Gareb is an interesting choice, you can choose his captain skill by selecting who  he uses for his skill and paying a reduced total for them
 Only Gareb and the drone pilot are able to fly it.  So why does it come with Valdore? As it adds another great captain option to your Romulan Ships.
 Tech upgrades is where this ship shines, look how many you can get! you can make this ship super defensive with the reinforced hull plating and manoeuvring thrusters.
 multi spectral emitters add more to your defensive options, the triphasic emitters allow some more firepower of your choice to add.

So many good tech cards you can really tailor this ship to your needs.
 Now for some more pictures of the ship, its just great looking!
 aggressive from every angle
 and a tolerable paintjob as wel.
 looks supurb on the table
on the prowl, notice that rear firing arc.. god for adding some torpedoes too!

It does come with a mission as well of course, I just forgot to photograph it! gah! though expect some battle reports on the missions at some point!