Star Trek Attack Wing IRW Khazara D`deridex Warbird build

The Romulan warbird is one of my favourite looking ships in Trek, so I was looking forward to seeing what I could do with this in game. Sticking with the Rules of my previous builds as in no more then 50pts in total I started seeing and came up with this build.....

The Warbird is a very mobile ship, and can cloak and do sensor echo (barrel roll for those Xwingers out there) and has a 2 reverse move being the only red one!.
I picked the Named ship the Khazara, as she gives you an extra attack dice if you fire when cloaked,

combined with Romulan plasma torpedoes its a six attack. Very nasty.
When you combine the extra dice and captain Toreths ability to change a hit into a crit it means the Khazara can have the potential to hit hard.
Toreth has the ability to take an elite skill, so I have given her Counter Attack. I would cloak to give maximum defence dice (you get 4 more green dice when you are cloaked but your shields are down so damage goes onto the hull.). close in at range one, open fire for 5 attack dice, 3 from the ship, an extra from the Khazaras ability, and an extra for being in range 1, then activate counter attack, as it will make the ship think twice about targeting you, if they do fire you can hit them again for another 5 dice.

A great looking ship with a fun load out I cant wait to play with.


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