Thursday, 20 July 2017

Star Trek Attack Wing General Changs Bird of Prey Builds

Today I take a look at some  options for running Chang.  As always I keep the build within 50pts, and faction and ship pure using only the card that came in the pack.

We take the named version of the ship as always, and Chang as our captain.  He has a good skill, a great action which combines well with the manoeuvrability of the ship as well.  Allowing you to position yourself up for the kill.  The ship does have a front and REAR arc for torpedoes meaning its hard for this ship not to have a shot on you
with the....

Elite talent The games Afoot, it adds more firepower when needed, an even more manoeuvrability allowing you if cloaked and out of its front or rear arcs, which is easy with Changs ability to add an extra dice of attack.  This can be used with the torpedo's allowing to stay cloaked if you wish, then sensor echo back out again afterwards.  with this card you can do 3 sensor echoes in a single turn.
the rest of the build has the torpedoes in it, Azetbur as crew to allow you to avoid an attack if your positioned wrong.  Admiral Gorkon is optional as he adds to you captain skill which with Changs ability is handy as moving as late as possible before sensor echoing is good.
For Tech we have the prototype cloaking device, which you can disable when you attack to stay cloaked, and also put an auxiliary by you r ship to reroll any number of attack dice.  It is not ac action so when you have closed with Chang into range one, you roll 4 normal attack, plus one for range one, and if you use the elite talent as well it gets you to 6 dice with a reroll. and remaining cloaked.  Not bad.  I can not wait to take this ship and try it on the table!!