Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Star Trek Attack wing Bioship Alpha build

The Bioship is a  brutal monster on the table, and keeping it under that 50point limit is hard
Here is the 50pt build, the named ship which throws auxiliary power on enemy's when you hit them hard, which with the firepower of this ship is easy enough.  It has solid hull shields firepower and good agility for its size.  For captain we have the Bioship Alpha pilot.  He allows you to look at your opponents dial at the cost fo not doing an action.  The ship has evade, target lock, scan and regenerate which allows you to get a hul point back at the cost of not attacking.  With the tech Quantum singularity you can stay in the fight, hit things hard, and when it gets a bit scary jump out to safety, regenerate and come back in again.  For a ship of its size and stats it is incredibly manoeuvrable.

Now to look at really tooling this ship up!

 The pilot can take the talent The weak will perish allowing you to reroll your dice twice to make sure you kill what you need.  It does not cost an action, and combined with battlestations at close range is deadly.
 Extraordinary immune response allows you to up your defence dice depending on how battered your ship is, a handy card to keep you alive that bit longer to regenerate.  Bio electric interference allows you to strip cloaked ships, and others of their target locks and battle stations and scans, and stops you being target locked this turn. a useful if situational card.
For weapons we ad the Energy blast that at long range throws 7 dice!, and biological attack which if you bump ships allows you to inflict a critical damage and disable a crewman.
In bigger games, swapping it out for the Energy focusing ship weapon can potentially allow massive punch if they are in formation with you.

This is a big bruiser of a ship, a truly scary opponent on the table.

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