Star Trek Attack Wing Tholia One unboxing and review

Tholian starships were small starships of characteristic shape, utilized by the Tholian Assembly during the 23rd century. These vessels were armed with plasma torpedo-like torpedo weaponry. But their most powerful weapon was the so-called "Tholian web". This web was "woven" by two or more Tholian vessels around an enemy ship. This web could be used as a high power immobilization field/tractor beam to pull captured starships back to Tholian territory.
In 2268, a Tholian vessel intercepted the USS Enterprise, demanding that it leave Tholian territory. At the request of First Officer Spock, Tholian Commander Loskene allowed the Enterprise additional time before they were required to withdraw to allow the Enterprise to rescue James T. Kirk from the interphased USS Defiant. The Enterprise crew was unable to rescue Kirk within the Tholians' time limit and the Tholians opened fire, damaging the Enterprise. The Enterprise returned fire, inflicting damage on the Tholian vessel.
Soon after, a second Tholian vessel appeared, and the two ships began constructing a web in an attempt to trap the Enterprise.  This gets touched on again in the mission in the pack.

So lets take a look and see what we get.........

 As always you get plenty of tokens for your ship, including some news one here for the Tholian web weapon.  The energy web tokens.
 The ship is not the fastest, topping out at speed 3, but she sure is nimble, with a 1 and a 2 white come about and no red moves on her dial at all.  The ship herself is a 2 across the board, so is fragile, and doesn't hit that hard, but then she is cheap at only 16 points.  The named Tholia One has the ability that allows you to perform the energy web action on the upgrade card as a free action, which is excellent, always great to get multiple actions.  There is of course a generic ship and captain as always.
Named captain wise we have Loskene, skill 4 with an elite talent slot for 3 points.  His action supports all your friendly ships in range 1-3 by letting them perform an additional 1 or 2 speed manoeuvre on their dial, but only if they are lower captain skill then Loskene.  Tholian Pilot is skill 2 and 1 point, he has an action that lets you repair a shield token if you performed a green manoeuvre this round.
 Tholian Assembly is the first elite talent in the pack.  For an action and discard it to target all Tholian ships within range 3 of you.  Each ship can then make an extra manoeuvre of speed 1.  Tholian Punctuality is not an action, but lets you discard the card when you attack to gain an extra attack dice.  Very useful on such a low attack ship, and combined with some of the larger weapons can be brutal.  Plasma Torpedoes are range 1-2 but 4 attack, giving a big boost to the little ship, and you get to re-roll your blanks once as well.  Tricobalt warhed works only at range 3, but fires an impressive 6 dice.
 Lastly we have the Energy Web weapon upgrade, that uses those lovely tokens! this lets you lay them down, they then act as an obstacle to your opponent, and causes damage when they cross it depending on how many are laid down.  It does not effect you though you can cross and fire through it with no hassle, so it works like cover for you as well to make the little ship a bit more survivable.
 The model is tiny, but really nice looking, with some coloured translucent plastic in the build.
 It really catches the character of the ship.

 You can see here how the tokens are laid out
When you have dropped one you can also slightly alter the position of the ship, making this a very nimble craft, and a swarm of these will prove a threat even if they are fragile.

Its a cool classic ship from the TOS era, so well worth adding to your collection, and the mission follows the episode well.


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