Back In The Saddle

I've been well out of hobbying for quite a while now. But now that I'm back around my old stomping grounds, I'm gearing up to be productive! A friend received his Kickstarter of the third wave of Bones miniatures from Reaper. It's a lot or plastic! We've committed to a weekly get together to paint.

First up, an undead Minotaur. The patina effect on the armor is a teal color paint that I mixed up and thinned pretty hard. It was applied liberally and then the surface was wiped with a paper towel. This leaves the "wash" in the crevices and a light film over everything else. You can go back over the main areas with the regular metallic paint if you want a brighter look.

I picked this model up from the shop for how dynamically it was posed. Very very cool! Unfortunately I don't know how to handle the clear plastic flames. Thin paints, perhaps? Washes? The upper part of the holy symbol is part of the clear plastic as well, and the detail of it blends too well into the flames making it a very difficult part of the model to paint. The plastic material is the same as what Reaper uses for their Bones series, which is fine, but I am noticing that the detail isn't as sharp and defined. The amount of relief in raised detail is less than on a metal or hard plastic miniature, say. While the pose is inspiring, the quality of the model leaves much to be desired.

These two were fun. An elvish blacksmith and a vampire type. I tried my hand at making the smith looking like she is in the middle of forging something, and it turned out pretty good despite my eternal struggle with that type of effect (and working with reds, oranges, and mixing them up brighter). The vampire's black armor was done up like Games Worshop's Dark Eldar/Dark Elf black armor, but looks like just plain white highlights. Time to invest in some new brushes for sharper points! I'm also out of Sepia wash, which is part of the recipe for blonde hair, but this time it worked out okay using a flesh wash in a pinch.

Expect another painting post next weekend when the painting parties continue!


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