Star Trek Attack Wing Kazon Nistrim Raider Ship Build

The Nistrim Raider, not a big or tough ship, but nimble and can have some tricks up it sleeves fro a few sneaky things.  So lets see what I can throw together using the cards in the box.....
We start with the named Raider, if an enemy ship you attack has a scan next to it, you roll 2 extra dice, so picking the right target is key, you can start cranking up the dice with this ship, and it has a wide 180 front fire arc.  For the Captain......

We have Rettik.  He is only a skill 2, but allows you re-roll one of your blank defence dice, hopefully keeping this little ship alive longer.  For Tech we have Masking circuitry, it allows you to cloak and gain the sensor echo action, leaving you free to manoeuvre and prowl with a wide arc to shoot from.

For Crew we have the Kazon Raiding Party.  It you inflict 2 damage or more when you attack you can discard this card to reduce the damage to one critical that ignores shields, and then disable and steal an enemy piece of tech.  Tierna lets you try and inflict damage on a ship to reduce its defences before you hit, and the photonic charges give a bit more firepower at range and if you damage you can give your opponent an auxiliary power token.

All in all a small fast flanking ship, designed to dart in and about.  It can not go tow to toe with the Battleships, but it can harass, and give out auxiliary to help control the enemies movements, and with the boarding party none of your tech is safe from the Kazon.


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