The "To Do" list

Write up what you have to do hobby-wise, he says. It'll be good for the blog, he says... Good golly I've got a lot in the ol' hobby queue. Let's kick off the shame train, eh?

Victrix British Line Infantry. I have about 26 more to build, then painting begins! I'm thinking that I'm not going to worry about the poses too much, and use these guys to add character to later purchases of more stoic line infantry. Which means they will be left unbased, and I'm entirely sure how I want to go about basing in general. Yes, it'll be for the specifications of GW's Waterloo, but the Victrix infantry have little bases attached to their feet, and if the Perry Bro's minis don't, that'll add some vertical discrepancy. Then again, I have used a proper file to thin down the bases of FoW minis, so that might be the case here as well.

Warlord Games US Rangers.
I got them for a steal, how could I say no? It's most of a 1000 point army. I just need a Sherman... yeah, in 1000 points! Anyway, this kit has been kicking my butt seven ways to Sunday. I've done fiddly kits before (the Fokker CX, the Hurricane sponsoons on 40k Land Raider Crusaders) and kits where the gun is separate from the arms (40k Tactical Marines), but this kit takes the spindly, fragile, glue-covered fingers cake. They will be a struggle, but the bodies and legs are glued to bases, so I can proxy some semblance of a force this coming Thursday. I'll feel quite a bit of shame, however. Unpainted, half built minis. Yikes.

Flames of War Finns
The Mortar platoon is almost done! Hurrah! I need to finish the basing and then do touch ups. They're on my shelves at eye level, and they look pretty good. Also in the works is a machine gun platoon, which is unbuilt. But the damn loader doesn't match up with the machine gun which doesn't match up with the gunner! No idea how that one got past the team at Battlefront, they're usually on top of their kits. The third platoon is built but unpainted, which would be the early war Anti-Tank platoon. I'm looking forward to running a 1k Sissi list, and trying to get my semi-regular opponent to play more infantry based lists at lower point values. The Infantry Ace rules got updated, right?

Flames of War Armor
Shermans, I've got a parking lot of Shermans. 12, I think. Some are unpainted, which are the ones from the Open Fire kit. They're good, but I have never been able to get the top hull piece to fit properly onto the bottom hull piece. There's always some ugly gap. Some plastic cement would fix that, but mistakes with plastic cement, as I'm sure you lot are well aware, are damn permanent.

All in all it's not a bad to do list. Putting all my Warhammer Fantasy stuff up for sale knocks all that out of the queue. And I should have a mild summer, which is a boon to hobby time and a bane to having money. Can't win 'em all, eh?

I shall keep you nerds appraised.


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