All Hail...

...The mighty airbrush!
Doesn't look like much? It's the trousers for 52 British Line Infantry done in a nice, solid, medium grey in half an hour, including paint dilution and cleanup. That would have taken forever.

 Priming priming priming....
Mart, you gotta get a can of spray primer. It's going to save you a load of time.

The spoils from Hobby Lobby. Who else knew they carried Vallejo Model color!!?!? $3 a bottle, you bet. Additionally, Hobby Lobby has a coupon always for 40% off the more expensive item in your cart. Knock a couple bucks off Woodland Scenics foliage and turf and all that. Want to try some resin casting? There you go.

The foliage I've stocked up on is for bocage. We'll see how well that goes.


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