Movin' out

Roll out!

I should be moving out to a new place to live, whether that be in town, across the country, or overseas. We'll see who wants to hire me. But, the whole prospect of moving or putting most of my stuff in storage has made me think about my miniatures: what's the best way to store them? Here's what I'm thinking sofar...

1. Each system gets its own box. I'd have to scavenge some foam, not pick n pluck or Battlefoam, but eggshell, etc, to form layers that the models can sit in. Foam, minis, foam, minis, so on. This is what I kinda do now getting things from A to B, and it's not the best.

2. More expensive, but sturdier: KR Multicase. I like the modularity of the cardboard boxes that fit into sleeves. The cost is a big issue at this point tho. 

3. eBay the hell outta everything. I'm doing this now with everything non-historical, but I could be persuaded to part with my FoW and Napoleonics. The idea is once I settle somewhere, I can pick up the hobby bug again. The hobby stuff, like paints, brushes, basing supplies... that I'll never part with unless someone buys it all at face value. I feel like I have a lot of paint, and getting it back, even switching everything to Vallejo, would be a substantial amount of money. If you haven't noticed, the price of hobby stuff, miniatures to supplies to paints, never really goes down. Heck, if paint kept forever, you could buy $100 of GW paint as an investment! 

I'd love to hear ya'll's opinions and experiences with moving, what worked best for you.


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