Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Sunday Reader: Issue 4

Chugging along here in the garage. I survived the great Snowpocalypse! Hup hup hup to it.
Google does autoenhance features. Kinda fun!

1. Solo Napoleon is a relatively new webcomic for wargamers. I suspect it's going to be mostly for historical guys, which is fun as well. 40k already has Turns Signals on a Land Raider.

2. Warlord Games have these really neat Volley Fire Lights. I'm thinking these would be really cool for battle reports where you use cinemagraphs instead of pictures. Basically a picture with one aspect that's animated. How cool would that be?!

3. Staying on the "cool factor", I was flipping through my Waterloo book a few days ago, and I came across a little blurb in the Hobby section that shows a glimpse of the Perry brothers' gaming space: a converted garage. So they're Garage Gamers too, how novel!

4. Quinidia Studios has been on a Lord of the Rings kick lately. Give his latest post a read.

5. May I also recommend Quinidia Studios's articles on building a game table? Of course I can. Pretty informative, lots of pictures, and rather simple. I'm still on board with favoring 2'x2' boards either MDF or foam, as 2'x4' MDF is heavy!

6. World of Tanks is now out for Xbox360! Add me if you want to play the occasional game: candiedwhiskey.