Winter War Finns

     I have wanted a Finnish army since starting Flames of War. Notably, their performance in the Winter War against the juggernaut of the USSR is astounding to read about. When Battlefront released their winter-dressed Finns, that was my cue!

What fantastic models! Lots of character with these guys. There is a sculpt that I tried to minimize inclusion on the base, which is a SMG-toting guy popping a squat. Seems awfully awkwardly posed. I did like that the blisters (Rifle and SMG) had enough minis to have extras, which is something that I haven't seen in previous box sets or blisters. Is this a new thing that Battlefront is doing? I rather like it. 

I painted Finnish flags on the read of the bases to designate which unit is which, whether or not their flag is in the center or aligned right. Since I'll be seeing that side of the minis most often, that's where the flag went. 

When I get some more funds, I'll need to get some artillery, as that's pretty much all I need to run a Late War list without proxying. Well, and I need the Early War Fokker CX and the Heinkel B with the cannons.


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