PVC Paint Organization

I have a lot of paints in the Vallejo-style dropper bottles. Almost a hundred by the count I did, wrote down, then promptly lost. Why was I counting? Well, I normally threw all my paints into an old make-up box that could hole everything plus a tray for my brushes and other accessories. This was useful for general storage and transport, but less than ideal for keeping the paints organized or for swift retrieval of a specific paint. I would be left with a bunch of paints on the desk or table and when that surface needed to be used for anything else.... start all over.

So! I hit the Google streets and found this video where he uses 1" Schedule-40 PVC pipe to hold the Vallejo bottles. Awesome! I go to the hardware store, pick up a 10' stick, get 58 ~2" pieces out of it, and glue them together.

2" on the PVC gives you plenty of room on the bottle to grab. I intend to store the bottles cap-side in. 

Pushing the pieces up against a flat surface when assembling will give you one side that is nearly if not almost perfectly flat. The other side can be trimmed, but I don't know how I'm going to do that. Some delicate saw-work, although I might neglect this since the bottles stick out further than the pipes. 

Pretty neat, eh? The PVC adhesive was still giving off a lot of volatiles, so I'm leaving it in the garage overnight at least. The lumber I have in the garage is juuuuust too narrow to allow for what I want, which is several honeycombed boxes to hold the paints, with a wooden backside and a plexiglass front. These will be able to be latched together and carried with one handle. Pretty neat idea, eh? We'll see how it pans out. I'll have to get at least another stick of the 1" PVC, and a PVC cutter since doing these by hand and on the chop saw made a huge mess. 

Hobby fuel!


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