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PVC Paint Organization

I have a lot of paints in the Vallejo-style dropper bottles. Almost a hundred by the count I did, wrote down, then promptly lost. Why was I counting? Well, I normally threw all my paints into an old make-up box that could hole everything plus a tray for my brushes and other accessories. This was useful for general storage and transport, but less than ideal for keeping the paints organized or for swift retrieval of a specific paint. I would be left with a bunch of paints on the desk or table and when that surface needed to be used for anything else.... start all over.

So! I hit the Google streets and found this video where he uses 1" Schedule-40 PVC pipe to hold the Vallejo bottles. Awesome! I go to the hardware store, pick up a 10' stick, get 58 ~2" pieces out of it, and glue them together.

2" on the PVC gives you plenty of room on the bottle to grab. I intend to store the bottles cap-side in. 

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