New place, new desk

I have been in a less than permanent living situation the last few years, which has hampered to ability to setup a permanent, sprawling hobby space. Especially with the addition of all those Reaper Bones minis, there's a LOT of sprawling to be had.

Luckily I have settled into an apartment with too much living space. So, one hobby desk coming up!

Ikea Alex (00261295) drawer units and a Linnmon tabletop (10251352)

So what we have here is not the cheapest option, but provides lots of storage. I haven't unpacked everything; too many hobbies to do! However, some things have found a home for now...

Primed and ready to start painting... this needs to grow. Been on a mold-line cleaning binge on the Bones minis. Let me tell you, that soft plastic is not as friendly as hard plastic for removing the lines.

Some painted stuff! Out of the boxes with ye!

Trying to keep all my basing stuff in one or two drawers.

Some paints vaguely sorted by color. Good enough for government work.

More paints! I gotta make this sucker bigger.
On the horizon are another lamp and consolidating supplies/minis. I'm thinking of making the Bones minis my main priority right now, and those need to be sorted into outright sell, paint and sell, and paint n keep. If you see one in the future posts that you want, let me know!

I hope everyone is going to have a good Thanksgiving, wherever you are. Enjoy this life.


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